Kaite and I had a difficult time getting this one together. However, it was only difficult because we’re putting forth much more effort for this one. We, especially care about his topic, and we want to tell the story well, and do it justice.


Trigger warning: there are details in this episode which are disturbing. I didn’t like reading them. I am not going to like saying them. You, if you are a sane, caring person, won’t like to hear them. However, holding back some of these details has a white-washing effect which doesn’t convey the actual devastation child abuse has on the entire life of the victim. The victims here, have an especially sad story. As sad a story as all the innocent, unlucky children in the throes of abuse every day.

As of the writing of this blog, we have yet to record. We plan to record tonight. But we had a very productive production meeting, and I am confident in this content. It will post tomorrow, 08/26/2020. We hope you get what you need out of it. Enjoyment, isn’t the right word, but……enjoy!