Mary Shelley: Genteel Author of Frankenstein or Blood-Soaked Psychopath?!

In this episode of The Higher Minds Podcast Papa Darby and Scott discuss Mary Shelley and her most famous work, Frankenstein. During our conversation we stumble into a conspiracy, did Mrs. Shelley murder everyone around her? Was her blood lust unquenchable, unsatiated, and recorded forever in the pages of her most famous novel, Frankenstein???? Listen to find out!!!!

Adam Kokesh: 2020 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Scott and Darby FINALLY get the episode posted where we talk to Adam Kokesh!!!

Vlad the Impaler

Scott and Darby had a great time researching this one. Arguably the most metal man in history. Once hailed as a christian hero, Vlad III reigned with terror over Wallachia in the 1400s.


Horror Movies pt. 2

This is the sequel to our Horror Movies Part 1!! AND WE SHALL NAME IT…..PART 2!!!!!! Seriously though, this one is better than the first.



Horror Movies pt. 1

Ever wonder what it’s like to just hang out with Scott and Darby? Well, this is pretty much it. We get high and talk about horror movies. With weed. And snacks. We’ll give you a sec to pack your pipe and get your chips….not while your’re driving. This is part 1; part 2 will be out tomorrow.


Extra Terrestrial Über Intelligence

I LOVE me some alien talk! From the Drake Equation to Project Blue Book to Valiant Thor, we got all your extra terrestrial needs……not entirely in this show. There’s much more to discuss than what can be discussed in an hour… stoners. We give it the ol’ college try, though. Take some marijuanas and listen.