Epic Rap Battle of History!!!!!

Scott and Darby do a shallow dive into a few of the awesome EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY. We talk about Nietzsche (spell that without looking) and Newton, and you get a little math lesson.

Mary Shelley: Genteel Author of Frankenstein or Blood-Soaked Psychopath?!

In this episode of The Higher Minds Podcast Papa Darby and Scott discuss Mary Shelley and her most famous work, Frankenstein. During our conversation we stumble into a conspiracy, did Mrs. Shelley murder everyone around her? Was her blood lust unquenchable, unsatiated, and recorded forever in the pages of her most famous novel, Frankenstein???? Listen to find out!!!!

Adam Kokesh: 2020 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Scott and Darby FINALLY get the episode posted where we talk to Adam Kokesh!!!