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Nazis and stuff

In this episode of the Higher Minds Podcast Papa Darby and Scott discuss Nazis and what happened to some of them after WW2. From Nazis getting to the US, to Argentina and to the moon. Then we get a little too high and get wildly off topic. Have a smoke and join us.


First Annual 420 Holiday Special

It’s the first annual Higher Minds 420 episode!
Join Papa Darby and Scott as they welcome special guests Dorie the bud tender and H to celebrate 420 together Higher Minds style. We’ll talk about the history of Cannabis, notable things that happened on April 20th through the years and of course we’re going to smoke it up…
Happy Holiday everyone!

note: We got to laughing several times during the show and over did our microphones, headphone listeners might want to keep the volume a littler lower.


420 Announcement

Quick announcement about our upcoming First Annual 420 Holiday Special