Pagan Christmas AKA Yulemas

Jesus was born on this day, in the year 0. Right?

It seems that nearly every aspect of what we know about, and do for, Christmas comes from traditions other than The Bible. In fact, way back when, Emperor Constantine decided to insert Jesus into what the pagan population was already doing. Change a few names here and there, switch a few rationales, and voila! Christmas!

Still, Scott, Darby, and the rest of us, wish you a Merry Christmas!


True Crime: Clara Swart

Though there are jokes, this episode is about the murder of a mom, grandmother, and wife. She was someone who was loved and deserves respect. There are jokes, but none of them are about this victim. This episode was made with reverence and respect.


Black Wall St. Massacre

Black Wall St. Massacre

Tulsa, Oklahoma – 1921: The white man decided that we’re not allowed to have an independent functioning society. Because they hated the thought that we could live just fine without them, they organized, and murdered most of the black people in town. Greenwood Ave. was the center of black commerce. Now, they continue to rule everything.

Let this be a lesson to all black and brown folk. Get armed. Get organized.


Tesla…, the man.

One of OUR collective personal heroes, the great….TEEEEESSSSLLLLLAAAAA……the man. Not the car. We can talk about the car if you want, but that’s not what this is. This is about the man who invented everything. We should all bow our heads and give thanks to the benevolent, Nikola Tesla. -PD


Lost Civilizations of The Midwest

Scott has been wanting to do this since the beginning. It was very interesting researching this one. There are North American civilizations lost to time about which I had no idea. It’s sad what happened to these people at the hands of the arrogant Europeans.



Car Movies

This was a listener suggestion. We’d love to have more. Thanks Chance. This was a good one.

Scott schools Darby in the ways of the auto.



Ghost Picture taken at the Stanley Hotel

I went to the Stanley Hotel, did a ghost hunt, took some pictures and LOW AND BEHOLD……….

It was fun. This was funny.

Enjoy and share.

Edgar Allan Poe Pt. 2

The exciting conclusion of our two part series on Edgar Allan Poe. We laugh, we cry, we live, and get fried……ON SOME WEED!!!!

Check this one out. It’s funny.

Edgar Allan Poe Pt.1

Edgar Allan Poe part 1. We start with tragedy; we end with tragedy. There isn’t much to Poe’s life that contains humour, except for his final epitaph. Guys, this one was fun to research. I hope you like it.

The New York Times called it, “[insert when reviewed].”

Oprah says, “[see above omission].”

“You’ll just love it!” says Kaite. -well, that’s not a direct quote, but it’s something she’d probably say.